Friday, March 16, 2007


When I get to level 1 I think I will consider myself pretty much a god. The challenge to ahieve it is extraordinary. Level 1 being only a 100k in cash. Still easy as hell to spend it all if you wanted to, but big enough to live free if you were strong enough to go through the saving and self-denial to get there. Probably has to do with the conditions under which I am saving it. The process is not going the way I envisioned from when I was 18 to 21. I saw the media and thought that it would be easy for me to acheive my goals. Get a wife and both work toward becoming financially independant. Only problem was she didn't work so we spent my income on bills and didn't save anything. If she would have worked though and been with the plan we could have both been done working and gone on a permanent vacation by now. The funny part is now that we are seperated she works. Life is some crazy stuff people think and say they want something but there actions prove otherwise. Now I am doing it by myself with no one in charge of my loot but me. All on my shoulders apparently the way it should be. Still on track for being at the beginning of 32 years, and having it. Been down a 100 paths and finally on the right one.